And welcome for a reading and relaxing break.

What’s the Noliju blog about? It’s a good opportunity to take time for you, reading articles about topics you are interested in, you feel concerned about or that you just find fun!

Already planned:

Fashion meetings

What’s best to relax than talk about current trends?

Regularly, I will talk about seasonal must have, the best colours, shapes and prints to adopt and adapt in the city or while practicing our favorite sport : Running. Fashion has no limit anymore and we can be stylish at any time!

Lifestyle Moments

Articles to discuss about everything, about real life and even how to make it more beautiful! It will be a chance to escape thanks to travel ideas, gastronomy, culture, decoration… to follow the hurried pace of working, sportive and accomplished women.

Diane philosophical instant

Thankfully, our neurons do not fly away during our running sessions! So thank you Diane, our Professor of Philosophy and mother of 3 children for this monthly meeting. It will be an opportunity to take time for ourselves, to think and see things differently.

A “Noliju” women interview

What would be Noliju without its Nolijettes? Each sportswear outfit has been designed for you, active women. It’s time to give you voices! It’s your turn to tell us more about running and what it means for you. We will talk about sport, about what drives you during your footing or your races, but also about the perfect outfit, the one that make you feel beautiful and comfortable. Just to know each other better.


To sum up a little, a rich and diverse program to satisfy the best I can the desires of fulfilled women and mothers, comfortable in their shorts, who like running, surely, but not only!


And this is just the beginning!

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