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The brand

Noliju is a French lifestyle running brand for the women of today.
Juggling daily between your professional life, personal life, and your running session, Noliju now brings you feminine and functional outfits that will complement your lifestyle.
With Noliju you can leave the office to run during your lunch break, or join friends for a coffee after your regular running session while still looking your usual stylish self.
With Noliju, be yourself: beautiful and sporty every day!
Each piece is designed to fit your practical requirements by using comfortable and soft technical fabrics, whilst also conforming to your style through cut, details and colours inspired by the world of fashion.
Noliju is a brand that stands for quality which is why all our products are made in Europe using European fabrics.


The founder

Norah is a modern woman, a mother of two young boys, passionate about running, who has over 15 years experience in management, marketing and sales in the world of fashion for several international brands.

After the birth of her second child in 2007, she moved to Nice and started running on the beautiful pathways of the Riviera. Over time, Norah has become passionate about running and regularly participates in competitive races: at first 10km, then semi-marathons and finally her first full marathon, the famous Nice-Cannes Marathon!

Norah is now an accomplished female athlete, but an event triggered a change in her daily life. Her youngest son, who came to encourage her during her first half marathon, found her running attire somewhat banal, he did not understand why she would dress like that to run and not simply stay her same stylish self ...
Norah pondered the question and came to the conclusion that it was indeed difficult to find a running outfit that would allow her to combine her comfort and her style.

So naturally, she decided to launch Noliju in Spring 2016, her brand of women’s activewear.

No Li J U: No limits, just U
Noliju No limit to athletic performance, no limits for aesthetics just be yourself ... beautiful !